Lights Out Token Packs (30 Pack Opening)

Lights Out Token Packs (30 Pack Opening)

Hey guys. I made just over 180 tokens over the pays two days on TTONline and decided I wanted to rip some packs. I figured the Lights Out had the best bang for the buck. I opened 30 packs @ 6 tokens per pack and pulled 3 Diamond Durants and two Amy Gilbert’s and the all the rest were Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby. Sold the Durants for 26k each and Gilbert for 12k. The Ruby were quick sold and the Emerald and Sapphire sold at 800mt each. Came out with about 110k MT. Im happy with that. Post your pack luck in the token market. Would like to know. I think I might continue to do this rather than lock for players.


Username checks out as to why you did this.


That was extremely lucky, my best pull from the token market was Amy Hondo

You basically got a fee Pd KD. I’m doing the same thing.

Maybe I got lucky but I feel after getting the last PD token rewards it’s dry. So might as well rip packs.


AH has a better alternative for literally every player in the token market.

Lights out packs give you an average of 1000 MT per 6 tokens. And that’s if you pull nothing of value at all. Not a bad conversion rate compared to the alternatives.

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I dont think thats entirely true. Sure there’s no match for Kareem at C, and all the good Opal PG are in the AH as Penny is no match to them.

But i dont see any good alternative to Duncan, and im saving tokens myself now to grab free Opal Josh Smith which means i can sell Kirilenko who provides basically the exact same but at 300k

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Bad move. MT is easy to get, tokens arent

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Duncan too slow for PF and he will get outclassed by Kareem and future Cs like Hakeem, Shaq, Yao etc. Right now there’s not alot of Cs unless you lock MT but it will happen.

Garnett is superior to Duncan. But I’ll concede Duncan is easier to obtain.

AK can do what Josh Smith does (and for only 230k).

Duncan is the only card in the token market clinging to relevancy, and he’ll be replaced soon enough.


You guys think 180 tokens are worth 110,000 mt for real? That’s wild. The good thing about these token cards are that they are at least usable. They can always be in your back pocket. AKs price will steadily fall. I’ll always have josh Smith. And he’ll always be able to lock down any sf or pf.
I’ll always have tim Duncan. And Duncan will always be able to lock up 4-5 with elite post animations and a sure fire middy.
Beal and Lavine have the purest jumpers in the game.
Embiid, RJ, and Beasley are all good cards. Issac is good, Ron Harper is good, even nurk.
You can make a 100,000 grinding tto easy.
You guys wasting your tokens on outdated packs ain’t it.


I hear that. I think if I was close to the Opal market I would save. But I’m like 1650 away from Tim, Josh or Zach. Last year I locked in for Mchale, Worthy, Perfect MJ and Wilt and at the end I was only using McHale. Worthy was really the only card I got use out of.

I peep mosballin pulled that diamond Durant in the token market that’s pretty decent I still think they overpriced the frostbite set tho

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I’ve just started to unlock Lavine at his full potential and he is absolutely deadly. He’s the guy that puts games away/forces the most rage quits and he’s coming off my bench

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Maybe I should start saving??

Made 67K with 100 tokens. Pulled Pd Peja and diamond KD

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Thanks for the update. Not bad.

i did do this as well when the light out packs came out, and i cant remember what i got but the return was decent. BUT that was with my farm account

I like your user name. You need an avatar picture of Clint from Unforgiven, or something.

So, I got bored and opened nine packs, alternating between the two six-token packs on the far left. Got nothing of value, averaging about 1500mt conversion per pack. Common card prices were high, and that’s one of the reasons I opened them; but it seems lots of people were opening the same packs, so all my cards were 900 mt value.

I haven’t played triple threat online. From other modes and giveaways, I have 1002 tokens. And I’m just at the first Ruby unlocked(MRR). I realized there is no alternative for me get pink diamond or opal cards from the reward market presently. I have to wait for a later perfect token market card being “sold” within separately, or use all my tokens on packs. I can smell shambles(burnt almonds?) all over that rewards market—mostly replacement-level irl players.

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Never thought of waiting for the perfect card like last year. Good call