Lifetime Agenda - Card Collectors

I am already in 500 cards collection and here is the amethyst option cards if you are wondering


I’m at 617 cards :cold_face:
Ruby Channing Frye → Amy evo requires 25 3s if anyone wonders. His 3p rating goes from 85 to 90.

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This being my 3rd year playing solid, I’m really not that keen on wasting MT on cards that will be out of date very quickly IMO. Great to say you’ve done it, but even last year’s Tatum card at 4000 which some were rocking was pretty pointless and now just an afterthought that 2k22 is out. Just my opinion.

4000 is waaay too much but there is always a sweet spot for selling back. I ain’t locking any base sets for tokens or that useless d Luka. They are needed for ltd atm.

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That’s a shit reward for 500 cards collected but so are most 2k rewards tbh. I got like 230 cards collected so I’m trying to get that Ruby Jeff Green who was a beast in previous years.

Im 32 from a.Huston they need to drop current roster already.

At 752……I personally went for that K.Love but sold him….the rewards are kinda mehhhh even the Dirk finally card isn’t someone I really want….rondo is the only one I’m really interested in besides the tokens rewards

Rondo is my GOAT right now. He clamps those pgs in all tim Dom like no tomorrow:) Hes really good at finishing at rim with layups too.

Actually loving collecting cards this year, feels much more rewarding for people that enjoy this aspect of MyTeam.

Thumbs up 2k should be like this every year!

900 cards collection

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What did u select?

I went with Clamps

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i went with QFS. clamps is good but lost its value at end game (just like intimidator) as it will be a standard badges for all cards at that time, but good mid game badges, besides AI defense is already tough. I get QFS for future DM Tacko. but i guess clamps, qfs, and the 3 pts badges are all good, blinders maybe

973 now……still have a ton of jerseys could prob get to 1100 with how much might be left but idk wanna go below 200k mt. I went with QFS cus it helps make Triple Threat easier I feel like.

jerseys are expensive. i dont want to buy anything above 1000. probably during pack drops

Yeh i pick up any jerseys i see for under 800

i am now at 951

the 100 cards shoes refill is insane

I will probably either stop at 900 or 950 for the tokens. Mainly want the HOF badge. I doubt I will have enough MT to go much farther.

they will drop series 2 base layers, series 3, heat checks, etc. there will be lots of upcoming cheap cards

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Would putting clamps on Frazier be a good idea? I get killed by stupid cheesy 3pt point guards.