Level up baby

I wonder what they EVO to

It’s up now. Looks like badges are the main upgrade

Yea I just seen it I feel like this drop is a MT trap Next weeks drops are going to blow theses cards out the water all star weekend is where they start to go crazy

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Oh no doubt. I’m counting on Allstar cards and finally the 75 collection next week

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not a great drop … only (mildly) interested in Wilt, hoping that his low 3pts will make him relatively cheap

Glad to see they gave the 75 card of wilt the full upgrade. 2k does learn from their mistakes!

Pretty disappointing you can’t add badges onto these cards

Can i get price check on thurl ben and gil? Sorry im askin alot im just at work and so curious its killing me lol

Price check on isle 35…sorry I’d do it myself but I’m feeling like death in bed right now lol

yay, a new Wilt!

Good to know what Wilt is going for. I hate I have to buy a Opal to keep my 60 collection intact. Hopefully I can just wait a week and his price will go down.

You can buy Thurl, Wilt was at 300k and Ben 400k about 5 mins ago

Lowest Thurl is 25k. Level up Wilt is 354k. 75 Wilt is 764k. Arenas is at 331k

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Just bought Thurl for 18k. Requirements are a lot but not bad for an Opal

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As I said before - meh… I do have almost all ‘useful’ cards from packs and not sure If I like them.
All cards evolved (via exchange :slight_smile: and have +4 shoes.
Ben - good on defense and rim offense… liability on 3pt - can green - but inconsistent (at least for me)
Wilt - hate his release… just hate. Good on defense - but I will use Embiid (and Embiid has 2x badges :slight_smile: )
Paul George - just ok… Nice card - but I have KD, AD and LBJ - all of them have almost 2x more badges than PG. Also I do have Pink Diamond PG with 14 hofs - quite similar to Opal.

I dont know If keep these cards or sell on weekend.

p.s. Only tried offline - don’t have time for online - need to work :slight_smile:


Great Review! Not often we hear this quickly from someone who has tried this many of the dropped cards.

Good look thurl is my guy on 2k i have no idea y lol

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I got you bro. I like to hear differntent cards being used. Got my Ben

How is Ben? Without be able to upgrade his badge, he does not seem like the right guy. What I like about Penny and Magic is that when they rim run, their HOF badges (Dimer, needle threader, bullet passer, floor general) gives such a boost to the pass receiver that a 3 becomes easy. Ben cannot do that. Of course this could just be vitriol from an old 76ers fan.