Level 37 trying to get drob

If it possible or am I over my mind trying to grind this in three days. I made it this far and this will be my first reward card I went for heavily. Am a big drob fan and love to replace hero dirk with drob. I need some motivation to keep going because its overwhelming trying to complete different players xp . And if anybody got drob ,how is he?

He’s worth it, finish it up. Lol.

When I get back home from work, am going to grind some more. I put my dm drose up so I can buy players that give you 1,000 to 1,500 . I still got couple things to do with lebron then I have ben Wallace to get his xp.

Just finished him done over 77k in 3 days it can be done

Wow, how did you tackle it? I see alot of 600 xp ones and few 1,000 and I start doing them head on and then i look at the next xp level to be 12k and say jesus help me lol

Take 5 mins go through all the agendas and plan what u wanna do. Stack as many as u can for whatever game mode u gonna play. Its not hard. Ppl make it seem like rocket science.

Am going to get me a pen and pad and write all that I can do in one game down and knock them out. I never got this far and usually dont care but this drob we talking about.