Lets try to solve the mystery that is shoes, coaches and takeover

Without shoe and with Kerr Worthy has Sharp/Glass Takeover, but with Red Kobe ADs it becomes Glass/Slash which is really not a good Combination, this is because the shoe boosts driving lay up to 99, but the best 3pt categorie is at 95. 99 beats 95 so Slash instead of Sharp, weird is however why without shoe 95 Open 3 (Kerr Boost) trumps 97 Driving Layup for the Sharp takeover (and the averages of the slash stats are higher as well). My guess is A. 99 is the Magic number to force a certain Takeover and B. there is a priority list for takeovers that depends on Position or is just set in stone for everybody where Sharp is over Slash.

Maybe you guys have more insight or informations that could lead to a better understanding of the mechanics behind this.
@NBA2KLab are you working on this by any chance?

99 isnt a Magic number. Worthy’s stats are just so high he could be any takeover tbh

I make fantasy basketball players for my league, and depending on the stats, the takeover differs. If one part of a person’s game is significantly better than another side, that determines takeover. Because James has high rebounding and inside scoring, he can have Glass/Slash. His mid and 3 is also high, so if that area of his game becomes higher than the rest, he’ll get Sharp.

Ok do you know which Stats determine the Takeover type and which are not used to determine that?
What takeover does an all 99 card have?

Sharp/Shot or Sharp/Slash <— PG/SG/SF
For a big, it might be Rim Protector/Glass or Rim Protector/Post Scorer

I think you would have a better chance at getting them to respond if you tagged them in the thread that they have created

Stats determining takeover:
Sharp: Open 3/Contested 3 Open Mid/Contested Mid
Shot: Off Dribble 3/ Off Dribble Mid
Slash: Driving Layup/Driving Dunk/Standing Dunk/Standing Layup/Shot Close
Playmaker: Speed/SWB/Passing/Ball Control
Defender: Lateral Q/On Ball D IQ/Post D/Steal/Block/Pass Perception
Rebounding: Def. Reb/Off. Reb/Boxout
Post Scorer: Post Fade/Post Hook/Post Control

I’ll experiment a bit more with these on the weekend and make a thread for it.

That would be awesome!

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