Lets talk Hakeem

Nasty card, tons of fun :smile:



His eurostep is OP! You can trigger almost right inside 3 point line and I’ve been using it like Giannis and doing eurostep dunks in TTO too.

Didn’t even think of trying out his euro thanks man!

I knew hes offense will be there, but he blockin shots soooooo good :smile:


Did you put a shoe on him? Was thinking something to boost speed like the Purple kyries

I put the pg 2k17 on him. He is green light from 3 now


I got PG shoe on him as well.

Is the PG that expensive ?

Do you guys know if he pick and pops to the 3 point line or mid range? I havent had the chance to grab him yet. I got the blue error screen on my 12th game and it was new years.

It’s to the 3 pt line


3pt line for me and its OP. Nice easy release. Hits them as consistant as giannis

Got the weathermans on him. He’s disgusting! Got him out there with limited Kareem now

Perfect shoe for him? I run him with wilt and ids so fun.

How’s his lack of speed, acceleration, and lateral quickness doing for everyone? Compared to Duncan, Mutombo, and Kareem he’s the slowest out of all of them. I’m stuck between putting a 3 point shoe on him or purple Kyries for higher speed/lateral quickness.


Twin towers with limited Kareem at PF?

Lack of Lat quickness isnt noticable at all. He doesnt foul that much on contesting shots which is great. He hits the 3 nicely.

His speed is a bit of an issue but most players are running gasol at the 5. He feels quicker then duncan too. Im running him at the 4 atm and it doesnt seem like the right move on paper but he holds up against blake on offense and defense still even with the speed difference. but that could also be the fact wilt is a gazelle and helps on defense with him too.

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Want him but cant get Him :pensive::pensive::pensive:

I run him with TD for twin towers. 3 rage quits :joy::joy:.


Locked up pd Giannis and AK47. I dropped 29 points one game. Boosted his fade to 99 and all I see is green lights.

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