Lets talk d wade pack odds or just pack odds period

How is the pack odds been so far for d wade packs?

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Not to worry they will be generous and release a locker code for him when everyone mt dries up

What the VORK sent to richy

Trash pack odds for awhile now. This was the only limited card that I didn’t/haven’t pulled.

You mean a locker code with a pack, tokens and MT on the board and if you get the pack you get sapphire ben simmons


Yeah, that’s it😂

Got 1 unlimited in like 30 or 40 packs. But if you gonna talk about odds I think you need a lot of data. (Don’t get me wrong 2k is shady as shit as always haha)

A sapphire…why are you being so generous? 2K won’t be. More like bronze Bonga.

Yea my luck been ok at times. But yet to pull a limited. Am so mad that i couldn’t pull kobe. I open so many pack everyday since they came out and couldn’t even pull magic!!!now he out of packs and go for 500k

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I’m done with anniversary and signature packs.

Nothing in there for me since the first PD Magic.

I’ll open only HC packs when moments drop for a chance at the moments and in order to complete the HC collections

I don’t need no data. When I can open 800k of Jordan packs and no Jordan. Odds stay trash

I opened a 20 box in the first hour it was released pulled an unlimited and haven’t pulled a single pack since

I pulled 2 Jordans in my third and final 20 pack box. Those odds were great to me compared to the Wade packs.

You should at least open a box and get a diamond player for your money.every time i open a box i get nothing. My luck come from singles.

Sure I mean 2k s gonna stay shady but like we know some randoms gonna get a good pull or two from their single packs. But we all know that doesn’t mean odds are good.

The real question is: how bad is the pack odds, not is the odds good or bad.

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I see why people was doing vince carter alot because 2k is robbing everybody with these trash odd. Moments pack was the best odds now they are terrible.

I made a nice hoard of mt from the arenas release. Pulled 30 packs got 2 unlimited which sold 225k ea. and 3 diamond arenas sold for 85k ea. Everything crap since

They are just blatantly fucking everyone haha. They don’t give a fuck either.

Yea i think pack odds went down hill after they tried to patch the vc glitch.