Let's talk about the jazz

At first I was upset they didn’t make any trades for LeBron but now I realize he would have held this team back. Do you guys view them as legit title contenders yet?


Don’t be a prisoner of the regular season. dominating in the regular season where nobody plays defence doesn’t prove too much.


This Jazz team reminds me of the 2015 Hawks. Great regular season team destined to get run off the floor hy a team with Superstars (Clippers, Lakers). No disrespect, but I don’t see them as real contenders


this is one of the best built teams on the league IMO

2020 Jazz tank to get Denver in the playoffs
2021 Jazz tank to avoid Denver in the playoffs

Saw that tweet after the nuggets ended their win streak and thought it was funny. Jazz are a scary team on any night for real

I feel like that’s gonna happen as well

Honestly no, I don’t think they have the star power to beat the Lakers and Clippers in the West.

Second round exit if they meet the lakers. Conference finals bound if they don’t

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Playing unreal right now, if they get the top seed in the west anything could happen. No one will want to go to salt lake for games 1 and 2. That crowd will be nuts

They’re a dark horse team. Wouldn’t be surprised if they make a heat kinda run but also don’t expect it.

That’s assuming crowds are a thing come playoff time I guess

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I have seen this team since 2017 Rudy Gobert stats are same in years

i think we’re playing elite rn. Ball movement is insane and we’re lead by imo the best coach in the nba. I reckon we’ll be knocked out in the second in 6 or 7 games but i love watching this team and love being a Jazz fan rn

I don’t only because playoffs and regular season two different atmospheres. When they run into Lakers, Clippers, or nuggets in the playoffs I don’t see them winning a 7 game series.

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Talkin’ all that Jazz

2nd round exit is their ceiling for me right now.

Already is a thing in Utah, will only have more fans by may, case numbers trending down plus vaccines for whoever wants it as early as April

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I hope the world is safe enough to have full crowds back at some sporting events soon, I’m still not used to the empty stadiums.

I’m also eager to find out how players are effected by the return of crowds especially rookies that haven’t experienced it before