Let's Talk About Pizza

Dearest circle of cheese eaters,

So for dinner I’m planning on getting some pizza but I need some input. What is the best pizza chain out there? What’s the worst? Why?


Rudy Gobert


idk but don’t go sneezing and coughing on everyone’s pizza bro


I just rub my hands on it as a joke.


Depends on where you live.

Depends on where you live, if it’s California then I got a bunch of good suggestions for you

Domino’s makes me sick and papa johns is good where I’m from

Papa John’s does not have delivery currently where I live. Domino’s and Costco pizza is really good in my area (Milwaukee).

Chicago style deep-dish pizza. None of that flimsy crap. I’m pretty sure D-Rose is part owner of Giordanos, support a fellow player, Rudy.

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i think cancel culture goes overboard but i find it hard to buy from Papa John’s since Papa John is a racist POS

Detroit style pies are the ultimate pizza IMO


Thought this was a different type of thread I was boutta log out



Dominos :ok_hand:t2:

I haven’t had pizza in a month since keto man I kinda miss it

Buddy’s Pizza in Michigan.
Spacca Napoli in Chicago.

Best pizzas in the Midwest.

Detroit style and Neapolitan.

if you’re ever in Raleigh Lily’s Pizza is the best around here.

in San Francisco it’s Tony’s Pizza by a long shot.

Marco’s Pizza if I’m going with a chain and Domino’s as second. Papa John’s has become ass.

I prefer actual mom and pops pizza joints though. Tarintini has a brick oven and cooks NY style pies. That, or Anna Maria’s is my go to for real pizza.

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As far as chains, I prefer Pizza Hut’s pan pizza. But overall, you can’t beat a good local joint.


I like Round Table. Especially their Maui Zaui.

Chicago area here. Giordano’s, Home Run Inn, Beggars Pizza, Italian Fiesta, Waldo Cooney’s, Edwardo’s. You’re welcome.