Let's talk about GO Muresan for a second

So obviously the disadvantages are animations and slow as hell. But looking at his tendencies badges and attributes, I’m wondering if he’s actually an elite card to use. Can get him to 86 speed, 86 3PT. 84 LQ for this massive player model is really good. Gold RE. I actually don’t mind his release even though it’s a little slow. I’m able to green it.

Am I missing something? I haven’t tried him in an actual MTU game yet. Is it just that there’s so many better options that aren’t too expensive now? Because there aren’t many cards his size that look as good. He’s definitely a lot better than the regular GO Yao.


I would put him at the end of my lineup just so he can guard yao in the post

I like him super fun to use but dont love him. Lots of great options at this point. He is definitely better than flash Yao tho…

Every time I see him in the line up screen I know I won.

I just iso him with Yao, Shaq or Kareem and he cant keep up. I might have some footage of me playing him.

2k: let’s lower his speed and 3 so he feels more realistic for his size


Definitely. He is a card that you can use to have fun with as a giant center if you like. But thats it nothing more I would say…

Bro :joy: :joy: :joy:

Why did they do that? It doesnt make any sense lmao

The most stupid thing is that he has 79 3pt with gold range extender

Quick clip vs Opal Muresan. He quit in the third down 20.

I just attacked Muresan the whole game. Look how slow he is. Lol


This clip made me wanna get yao…how much is he on ps4?

Well, not everyone is going to have GOAT Kareem, Shaq, Yao, etc.

Plus he’s controlling him and obviously sucks at on-ball defense. I would run a zone if I had to

I honestly thought that they would give Shaq base 98 and relieved when I saw that they didnt change his shot to break the game forever… Thats what this game has done to us

He’s great on offense, but the opponent will ALWAYS score on him, he’s just too slow, i don’t care what his attributes say. There are a ton of centers that can abuse his defense, and not just GOATs but Wiseman, Curry, etc etc.

He’s fun though.

1.4 with 28 minutes left (ps4)

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Last year 1 version of shaq that could shoot 3s broke the game… this year even my grandmother can shoot 3s and has at least gold range extender lol

I was pretty disappointed when an opponent hit a three against me yesterday with him. You wouldn’t think he could hit any contested threes but here we are.

Nvm I’m too poor for that price :joy:

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He tried On/off balling and a zone and got flooded.

Wiseman and Curry got a piece of him too lol

Only thing that was annoying was that he kills it on the glass. He gets those canned vacuum rebound animations.

If he had a higher speed/LQ combo hed be deadly. 2k nerfed him.

I just pull the chair whenever someones tries to post cheese with him. Works most of the time.