Lets see them lineups

My lebron got 10 gold badges, dia contract and dia 3ball shoe

Gibson E.Jones Giannis Heard Oden
Knight Lebron Bol Elie

About to scoop up some more rubies from the market soon

Yooooo brandon knight be getting busy

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haha hes a nice little all around card

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any idea for a 350k lineup? half way through saphire token market (so could unlock Ruby if I spent some MT)

I got 350k too. Just use the rewards players until the diamonds start dropping


What’s your lineup right now ?


pretty much just Rewards Emeralds and Sapphires for grinding Dom and offline TT

Are you trying to get Finley or dont care for him ?

Having a total Mind blank on who my backup PF is since I’m not home rn, but I haven’t touched MTU yet.

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still haven’t spent a dime :joy:

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Yes it is bad

What I’m seeing now is that big-spending YT/streamers are now unlocking Pink Diamond Rewards cards. So there’s got to be X “regular” players per Y “public” players who are doing the same. Wonder what that ratio is like.

We know these aren’t “true” Diamonds and Pink Diamonds in the sense of endgame worthiness, but it’s still a trip that big spenders already have Diamond-heavy teams with a Pink Diamond, when there are masses running around with Gold/Emerald/Sapphire.

As long as they cant run plays it wont make enough difference.

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youre ready for ultimate bro.

Pick up Porzingod for your bench PF spot if its open. He has 3pt plays this year

Exactly. These guys suck and can’t hide behind their cards vs a smart player. I mean look at all the sapphire/Ruby teams with Finley. I think (hope) it’ll stay like this for a while, at least until whatever cheese pops up becomes popular