Lets say I have PD AI, Ben, Giannis, Blake, and Magic

Would it be dumb not to go for MJ/opal Chris?

It would be dumb to not go for michael, however cp3 Im sure can hold his own, but locking in potential MT

Do not lock in. Whats the point ? Do you really want a undersized PG that gets abused on defense every time?? Can he score on PD magic and out of position players playing point gaurd? Nahh not worth locking in at all.


It’s hard for me to believe 2k won’t make an OP Opal card. I’m sure CP3 will hold his own against all PG’s except magic. No point guard will hold their own on guys like giannis anyways

Its up to you but he wont stay in your line up for long. He can barely even dunk.

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No not worth it. You are destroying the MT which is what they want you to do so you buy more VC to rip more packs. After last year I will never lock another pack

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Listen im sure Cp3 is gonna be really sick. I really want him but at the end of the day thats too much potential MT. all those cards will go for a lot in a couple weeks

This is exactly the point behind them having collections locked. Idk how some people haven’t caught on. Others obviously know but have too much MT to care

Sell ai n Ben n get mj don’t lock in any mt for cp3

Think you can complete the Collector challenge for all anniversary sets without locking in?

MJ gonna be your next PG?

I’m thinking he will be I gotta check his shooting n badging.right now I’m running magic n grant hill at the point. He will prolly replace magic I’m hoping he has an 85 3ball n hof d stopper n pick pocket

If I had to lock in for GO Giannis or a GO TMac I would. GO CP3?