Let's Go Home Ladies and Gentlemen: The Vinsanely Dunktacular Motorcycle Crank of GOAT Vince Carter

NBA 2K20?

It’s OVER!

Can’t wait to dunk over GOAT Yao like a GOON


I’m so excited. Vince is one of my all-time favs.

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I usually like Vince cards but you gotta be on some shit to lock in this set. Or just be a Vince superfan. I mean I would have to consider it if it was PP34 :joy:


That dunk on Alonzo :fire::fire::fire:

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why wouldn’t you lock this set?

Its August.

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May your packs be blessed with a variety of Opals, and Vince’s homecoming swift. :innocent:

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Pulled Kawhi
Sniped AD
Sniped Ben

I have like never sniped anything before ever so this was a RUSH

And you know what that means…


It’s so cheap tho. And you get 12 GOAT cards with Vince.


Top 5 Card art. Happy for you fam!!


The :goat: of dunking! Nice!!!

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For some reason I thought LeBron was in the set lol

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Every card in this set is going to be bin by Friday anyway. Lmao

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congrats @holygrail22 youve been talking about this card for months!

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I’m estimating like 600K max for this set today. And that gets you a near perfect team. I mean with GOAT packs on the horizon nothing looks good but this isn’t a bad set.

Let me know how he is. I’m only missing Kawhi

Would I be wrong to run him on my All Time Hawks team for his short run with us ??

Also how much are you guys doing the set for ??

SICK TITLE by the way

He’s deadly of course. Dunking on everyone, finishing thru big men, and the release is MUCH improved. It is still not lightning quick but its fast enough to create his own shot with which is the important part


around 500K for this Tar Heel GOAT


Y’all are tempting me man