Let's get #Fix2K20 Trending on Twitter! #11 on Trending List

Let's get #Fix2K20 Trending on Twitter! #11 on Trending List

Everyone that worked on this game should be ashamed of themselves. Not solely because of gameplay but because of many different lies, error codes and server issues.

It’s already 22 on the trending. Let’s get it to #1


They had two whole years to improve on 2k18 and here we are.

Now it’s 11 on trending

The amount of glitches and errors is unacceptable. However, the gameplay is fine IMO. Tweak the open shot % and I’m good with everything else. People play a game for 3 days and think they should be the best in the world at it lmao. Get used to the new mechanics and adjust


Agreed. I’m fine with the gameplay. These error codes , clanking open jumpers, and deleting my 10-0 Pro Am Team is where I draw the line


the servers were slow as hll on the nintendo yesterday. I thought it was just cos we’re the smaller base so they were abusing us lol.

i dont really use twitter so how do we get it trending more, just tweet out and include the hashtag?

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Yeah, at the beginning of last year it was difficult to score, then by the end it was really easy

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Has nothing to with thinking i should be the best at a game. Im already good at 2k20. Open shot make % needs to be increased and shot make % needs to be decreased at the rim. If they do that the gameplay will be a lot better. But wide open shot misses right now are a joke.

I understand not wanting to say the game you play the most is absolute trash but this has been an unbelievably bad release even by their standards. Stop making excuses for them.

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yall so annoying on god


dudes that keep saying nun wrong with the gameplay when clearly theres a problem


Maybe a little bit, but I don’t want it to reach a point where a player like AK left open has a 80% chance to make it, but a Klay or Curry should definitely get a boost

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honestly if they didnt boost 3s id be fine what the problem is for me is contested go in more than uncontested


Shooters shouldn’t be missing wide open shots like they have a 50 3pt rating. You can literally just sag off and just watch them missing 90% of their open shots.

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lmao i thought that was really ronnie i was boutta say wow petty on a new level


Lmao same

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