Let's do a recap of Ronnie2K work this year

Let’s recap all Ronnie2K’s year would we?

  • Gives free PD cards to streamers that are already rich and have super teams

  • Clearly reduces the locker codes compared to last year because he realized those PD cards could make money.

  • Starts to ‘bless’ (ugh I hate this word, like he is a God or something) people who sucks his dick off.

  • Set up meetings where he gives PD locker codes that half people didn’t received

  • And now we realize he doesn’t even care about the community because he gives our a free PD to a SUBGLITCHER WHO IS LEADING SUPERMAX SEASON ON PS4

Seriously why do they keep him? That makes me sick


Let’s not also not forget the fact that he has a huge ego. I remember going to the two nyc meetups and not taking a picture with him like everyone else. As I already came there the day before and he was like offended that I didn’t want to take a picture like hold up dude no one likes you. You’re comments are filled with people asking you to fix your game and all your you’ve ignored the game and specifically the myteam community. Spending so much time and effort I gonna an e-league that has turned into a huge bust as no watches it on twitch as well as how much of a bore it is to watch in person.

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