Let's Argue: AD should've got FMVP over LBJ

I think AD deserved it more what do yall think though?

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Not after that awful game 3

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Nah bron was more consistent throughout the whole series

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Already tryna start fights I see



:man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

No, next question

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Lebron was voted unanimously. There’s no argument.

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Oh I didn’t even know that

You didnt tell us why ad deserved it more

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My opinion is changed already

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That fast? Lol good

Some bron stans reading that:


I really just liked seeing AD play with a team that was at his level

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Devontae Cacok could’ve won FMVP and I wouldn’t have batted an eye. All that matters is that Championship trophy.

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AD played well most games but LBJ led the team in points rebounds and assists lol.

Clear FMVP.

I just looked up the stats a few minutes ago, they changed my ruling

This has gotta be a new record on 2KG for how fast a thread was completely murked.

OP didn’t even have a rebuttal to back up his hot take. Let me help you look like you’re at least some what alive still…


To be fair he admitted he reconsiders…

That’s more than most.