Let us put our system in the avatar

Sometimes when we talk about snipes or prices, I think an indicator of system would help clarify things and expectations for context price etc without further clarification.

No idea how y’all would implement but it would be nice.

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You can do that in your profile. When you click on someone’s profile, it’ll show what platform. Some people just haven’t done it.

I know it’s on the profile but like those Xbox champs and os4 champ have the thing right on their circle avatar.

So like a blue ring around ps4 profile, green around Xbox


I’d like this as well. Sometimes people discuss things on the forums, e.g. prices or availability of cards, but theres a miscommunication between people due to assumptions of systems. It also slows down discussions due to this sometimes.

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Something like that.

I just don’t wanna see someone say “melo is goin for 300k” and think it’s on my system then I go check and he’s 400k and I get mad and send that guy a PM wanting to fight.


Never change Vork, ever.

I second this


Red ring for Xbox. Like back in the 360 days.