Let this be a reminder

No game is worth the violence and abuse of your family. Sometimes we can be angry but lets never get to this level in the tweet. Its bad enough we sacrifice money we could spend on ourselves or family but choose to give it to 2k. This is pretty disturbing and an embarrassment for us aussies.



Can’t view the tweet anymore mate what was it?

is that the streamer who had his webcam running while smacking his wife?

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He was live streaming and he gets angry at the game and smacks his missus with his kid screaming in the back ground. Had me furious.

Good he is locked up now.

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Fuck this Guy Makes Me Angry :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


If a fucking video game gets you so frustrated to take the worst out of you just quit that shit and sell your console.

No addiction, video games included, is worth the suffer of you or the people around you.


That’s fucked up… How dare you let out all the rage you have on your loved ones?!

It’s just a fucking video game, nothing is real. But your wife and your kids are real! If you are angry, then stop the game, go outside and take a break, go breathe some fresh air. You can even go to your wife or your kid so they make you feel better.

Those people should go on a rehab


There is no reason to have to put your hands on someone like that. And to repeativly do it aswell is a dog move. Im sure this aint the first time hes done it either.

But bringing it to light that when you get pissed off at the game, not to let it get far. Im sure weve showed anger towards the game, the tv, yelling because of the lag or swear whilst family is around. I hope we are all ij the right mind state from this game. As time goes on there going to find more algorithms to make us rage at games more.


Love is so precious, it should never be shaded by such a stupid thing that is video games. Even more when the game is trying to make you lose your mind while people around you only want your happiness.

I play the game alot but when I rage about this or that, I never yell at my bros or at my girl. The worse I did was to ask them gently to exit my room just for few minutes cause I needed to calm down, but that’s all.

And even if they joke about it, saying “Damn you’re really bad”, I know it’s to make me laugh (or is it? :joy:) so I don’t get stucked into this bubble of rage, and that’s adorable of them

Gosh this video got me emotional, how can you go so far? Just thinking about me doing the same is making me feel terrible…


Man i just want to smash that ugly nerd face after watching this again…


He will get more than enough after this… no need to :smiley:

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Fortunately I see my gf tomorrow, I’ll give her the biggest kiss and the biggest hug she ever got.

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WTF is wrong with this kids!


Man i quit games when my kid step out of the room, away from my line of sight… How horrible this is.


Doing the same, feel a little embarrassed.
I play mostly when they sleep.


It’s obvious that this creature rather needs a strict mother and father to teach him some respect than a wife.

I bet the poor girl had made something to eat or needed help with the child…


I would just have quitted the damn game if she wouldn’t really stop. There’s no need to hurt anybody.

What an absolute piece of shit. This video made me sick to my stomach