Let’s Talk Equalizer (2k21 Edition)

With all the negatives in the game this year (obvious money grabs, glitchy dribble boost, servers, etc) this is the first year I can say I haven’t felt or have seen the equalizer being very prevalent.

I have noticed how big momentum is though, whether it is a placebo or not, but if my team is firing on all cylinders and they’re feeling themselves… almost every open shot goes in green or not. The inverse is also true, if I’m not playing well, these same shots aren’t going in.

Big fan of that aspect this year, what’re y’all thoughts?

It’s definitely toned down or I’m a lot better this year. But 2k still helps my opponents in the first quarter.

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Haha wow :flushed: @dznasty

I used to critisise eq quite a lot in the past few years. Not gonna lie - this year whenever I lose it’s because my opponent played better. Not gonna say the eq was taken out of the game entirely but I don’t notice it as much as I used to in the previous year. It’s only my opinion. :slight_smile:


Yessir, that’s the same vibe I’m getting too!

In general, I still wish they’d up the difficulty to at least Superstar, but for the most part… I do like 2k21 a lot gameplay wise @Wojtek

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I think it may be toned down a bit but also people are just more used to it and accept it. But I still have lots of games where I take a big lead and then my guys get stuck in mud for a quarter or two. I can live with momentum swings since that happens all the time irl, but toning down my physical attributes drives me nuts

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For me, it’s been toned down a lot, but there are some games where I get 15 team fouls and 10 total rebounds in a whole entire game


I remember a dude having a 20-9 rebound advantage on me lol. But then again I run J Smoove and Draymond Lol


Dray always horses me whenever I play against him lol, he looks like Rodman on the glass against me every time