Let’s see your Custom Courts!

What does your custom court look like ?

Inspo :


nice man how long that take

Been using the same custom court/jerseys since 2k16!

It’s not that hard to do, just download transparent logos from the team you want and resize them in photoshop to the required size and upload them to the 2k site. Use the transparent background and save them in .png file format so it doesn’t have the white background.

I got a problem that these uploads are not showing up in game anymore sadly. So if anyone would be kind enough to upload my images to their acc for me on Xbox I’d be really grateful!

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Might be stupid but it could happen to anyone.
I had 2 emails registered with 2K in the past. My ingame mail & the one i uploaded pics was different. Low chance but as i said, it could happen to you too :smiley: better compare those two.

I think that cant be it since I already uploaded stuff there like a week ago and they all showed up in game fine, instantly after uploading them on 2k website. These new logos however dont show up IG even after a day or so.

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Content copyright maybe?

I got some copyrighted logos yeah but there’s tons of copyrighted content uploaded there (Adidas, Nike, Jordan, Microsoft, Sony logos…) and none of that gets taken down if you look at the most popular uploads. IDK what the hell is going on really. I think it must be a server issue, I’m still waiting for 2k support to respond.

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