Let’s see those fantasy teams!

Dbls Dbls are +5pts that’s why I have alot of bigs


PJ been killing it but I kinda wanna trade him while he’s hot because he’s never usually this good lol

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Still undefeated :muscle: shoutout Harden Capela Hassan and Kyrie

in our 2kg ESPN 20 team league


Yahoo - 10 team h2h/11 cat

ESPN - 10 team h2h/11 cat

I picked up Barton Fournier and Melo. I have to drop one of them when Kyrie returns :confused:

Gotta be melo

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10 man h2h/11cat

Dropped Jauncho and Bridges for Norm Powell and Draymond

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Have to drop one since Ja Morant came back and is now out of my IR, who is the move to drop

PG : Ja Morant , Kyle Lowry , Lonzo Ball

SG : CJ Mccollum, Jaylen Brown , Bogdan Bogdonavic

SF: Luka Doncic, Harrison Barnes ,

PF : Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kristaps Porzingis , PJ Washington , Julius Randle

C : Deandre Jordan , Steven Adams , Jarret Allen


I’d drop one of Dj or jarret allen


I’m picking up Bjenlinca from Sac because Kyrie and Conley are out. If Bertans is in anyone’s FA list, grab him ASAP

Hassan Harden Capela and Adam’s are dominating for me, once Kyrie comes back it’s a wrap. I’m about to go 8-0. Pretty much have a first round bye locked up lol

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20 team roto:

Trade or drop Conley he’s ass

There’s no point, his value is too low and he’s historically a great player. I said the same shit about Adams the first few weeks.

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PJ has slowed down a bit. He’d be a good cut consideration too

Yeah Conley always starts out a bit slow. I think once he finds his groove we’ll see the old Conley again. I’d be reluctant to cut him yet also

Someone in my league just traded Jokic for Siakim

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Big trade!


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Taureen Prince round 12

9 CAT, yes turnovers too

12 man h2h

First 9 picks on point minus Gary Harris who was a panic pick

No brainier Thomas and Sabonis

Lavine was risky after Dame and Trae

But Dame,Trae,Lavine, and Lowry is working so far

Drop Harris

Great riddance for me :smirk:

Try to play 12 man leagues yo

You don’t really have to dive too deep in a 10 man. Not as fun when you don’t have to check for hot pick ups etc. You want to know the league like the front of your hand like the back of your hand

Need 12 man to dive deeper

GL guys!

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