Let’s be honest, how many of you are planning to buy NBA 2k21 (Current Gen)?

Now that 2K has revealed who the cover athlete is for 2K21 (Dame, for Current Gen)

If 2K doesn’t do anything I mentioned in this post, then I’m not paying for the current gen game and will wait for next gen

I don’t know how much time I’ll have to play the next 2k

I’m on the fence

I’m sure I’ll get suckered into it in August. Hope the gameplay changes.

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Not gonna cap I’m sure I’ll cave

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ehhhh idk man. it depends on what the transfer process to next gen looks like


I’m definitely buying 2K21, but I’m also definitely buying a PS5, when I buy 2K and what version will depend on their handling of everything. I’m not about to grind Domination twice.


Not getting it for PS4 that’s for sure. Still debating if I’m getting it at all, leaning towards going back to FIFA cause it’s just a better game.

Only way I buy current gen version is with a full transfer to next gen for free


I’ll just get it on PC until Series X

I have a feeling they’re going to pull a 2k14 where there was no transfer process whatsoever

In the meantime, we might be continuing to play Pro-Am/Park on 2k20 even if Next Gen 2k21 comes out (since not everyone is going to have the next gen game)

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It really didn’t transfer?

Bruh this company is useless.

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We play every year and get the new game with no transfer from the last game, what’s the difference? I don’t think I’ll buy 2k21 but if I do it’ll just be for park with friends, this is my last myteam

I’m like 99% sure nothing transferred. I remember that no VC was transferred, MT (since MyTeam was new at the time).

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Did they share the Auction House between old/next gen?

Jeeeez. EA really are years ahead of 2K when it comes to these game modes.

Probably only buying madden on current gen and will wait for next gen 2k tbh

2k probably will have some bs saying it wasn’t possible

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Tbh with you I’m not sure, I extremely doubt it though, I wasn’t as big into MyTeam back then. MyTeam back then was still in its infant stages (meaning it wasn’t as crazy popular and fantasy as it is now).

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day 1 100% no
I might buy it later if the MyTeam stuff transfer to the new gen

We’ll have to wait for their announcement regarding the Auction House.
If I could get a head start then I’ll consider buying it for the current gen.