Let’s assemble a team ? Pro am PS4

I’m bored , let’s run some 5out together ? :joy: man I’m tired of park and my team
5v5 it’s the future now


Im down

Nice ! We just need 3 more

hope you guys get it going!

i’d like to do it for xb1. even if we are terrible it’s more fun than myteam

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Way more , we have to interact and communicate it’s such fun . This forum deserve one team for each console

Hey I’m down for Xbox got a 2-way sharp

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i’ll make a thread so we don’t hijack pedro’s

No problem ! This one can be for both consoles no problem


Pro am team without a lock @Pedronqneves :joy:

I guard ball :joy:

My have PGs and a paint beast

How’s this work?


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We just need to create a team do some jersey and matchup up against others teams in the arena

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What players do you use?

I have PGs and a paint beast
Fra has a paint beast and a lock

oh duh, I thought you meant 5v5 likes we did the other day.

Let’s try to schedule a time. What time is it there for you and Fra?

I have sg two way sharp