Let me hear those pack luck horror stories from today

Let me hear those pack luck horror stories from today

Just dropped 200k and pulled MJ and Nash. Sell MJ now or will he hold 400-500k for a while?

This is topic for horror stories, which was emphasized by OP. Yet we still got a guy who needs to show boat, like SMH 10x.


:joy: ts 2:30 in the morning and I’m stoned reading about pulls. Didn’t even remember the title of the thread by the time I got to the end. My bad.

Opened a 10 pack box with VC
First pack MJ, Second Nash and the 8 left Shaq, diamond Curry and a Diamond contract
Couldn’t believe it !

Played a few game with MJ and put him on the auction house don’t know if I should’ve…
Just trying to complete collection and build up token to hit the GO market.

I’m beginning to think it’s a lost cause. People just don’t read. Lol, good looks, though.


Reading these days is a lost art.

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Good times.

Watched my buddy drop $100+ on packs about two hours ago. Pulled Nash on first pack, the rest were two Shaqs and one Billups.


2K is the Houston Astros of video games.

Didn’t get a PD until I was in the 1.2 - 1.5 million range…

And it was Nash.

I did clutch an MJ at the end of the night (after buying Bron and him)… holding him til packs expire.

Bought 1 pack at whatever 1 pack cost lol with MT uh pulled um sapphire something can’t even remember

630k VC on boxes got me 2x PD Nash, 5 Billups and like 10 Shaqs


Didnt 2k post their odds? How can there be 20x more nash cards then lebron if nash is 98 overall and lebron 97?? False odds

Just because there’s more of one then the other doesn’t mean the odds were false that they posted. The odds just state the chance of pulling a card that’s higher then a certain overall. Doesn’t say anything about the discrepancy between multiple players that fall under that category. Kind of a grey area way of being truthful about the odds without admitting that certain players are more rare then others. Clever of them to release the odds that way tbh

Stupidly thought that because I have not pulled a big card all year that today would be my day…
450K VC + 150K MT = 1 Steve Nash, about 5 shaqs, heaps of that ruby fuck
…so disheartening

2k didn’t tweet or really post about the odds, they have a duty to show odds now I’m expecting and they kinda hid it. Its not true odds tho, why was sapphire bol so low to pull? And pd is pulled the least over the opals? Just something sus about it all.

Another point…saphire bom should had been flooded.
I can see there not being much because people are keeping the cards, but just ask everyone here how many nashes vs lebrons were pulled its like 20times more. 1 or 2times more fine, but this many for a higher rated card?

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Obviously he had way higher expectations :grin:

is there a law about showing odds of pulling stuff? like nba cards got them at the back of the pack