Let me hear those pack luck horror stories from today

Let me hear those pack luck horror stories from today

I know there’s a huge thread already, but let’s just make this about the packs today, and try to make ourselves feel a little better somehow. Lol, it’s brutal in these streets.

One 20 box, two 10’s, and probably 10-15 singles today for me, and not even a single pink diamond.

Please no stories about crazy good luck, just let me hear the nightmares. I’m sure there’s plenty of them way worse than mine, as ridiculous as that is.

I lost a toe to frost bite today

On the Flash post a forum member said he dropped 900,000 MT and didn’t get a Lebron, Vince or MJ. That is just straight up criminal.

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Spent $75 today for the first time all year. Got one PD Nash in the 66 packs it bought me.

And four Chauncey Billups. Considering how many Chauncey cards are on the AH, and I only got four in 66 packs, I can only imagine how much cash 2k raked in today. Has to be in the millions.

I would love to see the figures on how bad these criminals scammed people today. Actually, fuck that, it’d probably turn me into an actual fuckin’ 2K staff bounty hunter.

I bought 5 packs with VC I saved from Mycareer. Only pulled Amy trae

Blew my entire 70k coinstack on packs and left with 2 shaqs.

I’m 2k poor.

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110k in MT and got nothing.

R u my boyfriend

Had some extra gift cards so I got 485k. 71 packs later, I got PD Harden and 2 Billups. Thankfully I have over a mil saved up to get Vince but I really wanted to pull him.

I started MyTeam last year (first time since 2013) when I saw Sig Vince packs and opened them up for fun with extra VC. I pulled the Limited, sold for 600k+, and built a full team and got addicted to the mode lol. Woulda been fun to pull him again but I’m getting that damn Opal regardless.

If I play 2k21, I’m asking for this game for my birthday and go full no money spent. Screw this greedy company. You can’t tell me the odds for these cards weren’t nerfed straight to hell.

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I opened a 20 pack box… got 4 Steves and 9,000 Shaqs.


Lol, I didn’t even get one Steve out of 50+ packs.

I somehow ended up pulling Lebron. I only opened one 20 pack box.

Opened one 10 box, got 1 Shaq lol. I didn’t pull more because I got home from work at 4 so the pack luck had been shut off already

Read above.


Opened 6 packs with MT and 1 Billups. I miss Veronica :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:. At least I knew if I didn’t get a good pull today I can keep trying tomorrow


Man, shake blew about 1.8 mill VC before pulling MJ on his 4th last pack. He wasnt mad, worse, he was disappointed. More so than ever.


I spent 70 Dollars and pulled a Steve Nash and a few Chauncey. I hated myself for buying packs tonight.

Sucks playing a game that flat out makes you feel like you got cheated sometimes.