LeQueen James does it again

LeDrama James does it again and throws a couple of fans out of the stadium.

Nobody really knows what those fans said, there’s only a rumor:

If that’s true… for me, as a romanian who has been to a lot of soccer matches, that is really light hahaha, but i guess there’s a cultural difference here.

But this guy is so self-centered, always listening to what others have to say about him. Jordan would never do that. He would take it personally and destroy the other team and silence the crowd. Instead, the Lakers barely beat a below 500 Pacers team in OT.

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Good from Bron. Some piece of trash entitled wealthy courtside fan yelling that they want Bron’s son to die in a car crash? Yeah they can fuck off out of the arena.

Sorry man but Bron haters turn every opportunity into a reason to hate on this guy. This is a big stretch. Regardless of what you think of on court greatness there’s no debate Bron is a better dude than MJ.


Tell that couple to take that trash to Romania, it ain’t welcomed here.


Yeah, it’s fucked up what she said, if it’s true of course, but i’ve heard way worse hahaha

So have I. Doesn’t matter. You kill 100 people that’s worse than killing 1 person. But you still going to jail, haha.

Bad is bad. Just because there something worse doesn’t mean the bad thing shouldn’t be called out and consequences occur.


Hey man everything is good if you compare it to the Holocaust

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Not trying to dump on the OP, I definitely get differences in culture, but it annoys me when I see people criticize LeBron to the point of calling him “LeQueen” because what a fan said was disrespectful.

Buying a ticket to a sporting event doesn’t give you the license to be a complete asshole and a bad human. Boo, say they suck, yell at them, etc. Enjoy the game, then try to get home safely. Sporting events should not mean you get to say whatever you want to the athletes.

If LeBron came up to them and said whatever they said to them right in their face they would try to file a lawsuit guaranteed and cry and try to damage his character. So they shouldn’t say it to him. I miss words actually meaning something…


Here we go

They really still trying to get into Bron’s head ever since that blow from Lance back in '14 :joy:

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Only a coward would scream obscenities at an athlete because there’s no threat of violence. If there was a chance of your ass getting beat you would watch your mouth.

How does that make LeBron soft? If someone dared to say “I hope your mother dies in a car crash” right in front of you, would you just take it? It serves them right to be kicked out. They don’t even deserve to watch the game at this point. If LeBron just took it and destroyed the other team, it still would have given them a show.

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lebron topic but jordans name appears lol. haters like this OP should be banned calling people names.