Length of 2K20 MyTeam cycle? NBA Season? What to expect

With 2 Prime cards yet to come out (and a recent pattern of 4 weeks between their releases), looks like we’ll be getting at least 8 weeks of more content. This puts us into late July.

Last year we had content in July but it trickled in. The last big promo was July 5.

Of course this year with the NBA season presumably set to restart in July things are unprecedented. Will there be moments cards in September or October for 2K20 for NBA playoffs?? Will MyTeam 2K21 launch as usual, with the end of the 19-20 season to start the year, then overlapping with the beginning of the 20-21 season?

A big question on people’s minds: how does this affect when – or if – we get GOAT token reward players? They might not even do that this year. Personally I just hit 1000 tokens and can probably easily have 1750 by the time they released token GOATs last year (end of June), but I wonder if they will just release regular token GO’s (not GOATs) at some point in the next month or two.

What do you guys think will happen?

No way in hell I’m waiting another 4 weeks for prime III, that’s absurd. They don’t even have enough players left to drop in packs continuously! Only future headliners would be:

Bill Russel
Paul Pierce?


In addition to those, GO’s yet to come:


I mean there are others but these are the obvious ones. But yeah there doesn’t seem to be 2 months of content possible here unless LOTS of cards start getting second GO’s that are way better than their first (totally possible).


The cycle will end with the arrival of the final demon



They don’t want to extend cycle they kill the game off and market on purpose to build hype for next game.

Once they turn up pack odds and keep final superpacks up permanently it’s over. Will be a few more duo updates.

They can also make a early set for 2K21 that is playoff themed that has Amy cards and Rubys.


This is kind of the purpose of the thread. I think GOAT token cards signal the end of the cycle. If the cycle is longer than normal we won’t see that happen until way later than last year

I think you’ll just see the bar continue to get lower for Opals if they need more content. Hell, Caruso, Bol and Lin already have them. There are 100 average players that could be gifted opals still. Maybe we see fan favorites become more frequent.

When you have Galaxy Opal Stephen Jackson, Terry Cummings, Sarunas Marciulionis, you’re right. Anyone could get one.


If they drop token rewards say end of June without any GOATs (compared to like last year), would you guys take any or keep waiting to see if they eventually drop GOATs?

I guess any non-GOAT token GO’s would still have to be extremely solid cards

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I have 6500 tokens and nothing to spend them on. Please for the love of God 2k put goat cards on the token market


I’m a sucker for new cards, so probably. But I am saving up toward 1750 on the chance they just follow last year’s model. Seems like a stretch though if playoffs extend through end of August. They’ll be able to drop playoff moments cards for weeks if that’s the case. So no need for token market updates since they can move packs for VC instead.

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With the season potentially starting back in July I see content going til late August

This is the reason that I’m selling everything. More and more super packs will fulfill the weekdays leading up to Fridays new pack releases with Buzzer Beaters possibly sprinkled in. The market is so high right now and super duo packs could kill it so quickly.

I’m expecting some new evo cards and super evo packs to come soon as well. The only card that is questionable for super packs is GOAT MJ unless they do another super promo pack and add him in those.

Also, what’s to stop 2K from doing new Prime packs every other week again? Nobody is locking in all of that MT just to use cards for a month, or two at best.

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Good point…

GO KG (the final anniversary series card) came out on June 28th last year which is the equivalent of the Prime set now, even more so because you got GO Shaq and was part of the requirements for 3000 cards. But that was a lot to ask to lock in for cards you would use for 2 months. I thought it was worth it. With those tokens I got GOAT MJ and GOAT LeBron and used them for a long time. But I probably wouldn’t have done it if it was end of July…

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Yeah Prime 3 is dead.

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Not only that, but there’s supposedly a set reward for the GOAT were you would at the least be locking in nearly 4 million MT for a card to use for like a month, or so. WTF

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They could just released glitched cards again to keep the cycle. PG durant , shaq, melo . We got a sg dirk and a pg wes that people went nuts for

Imagine holding on to all the set players until July.

The Prime Set reward cannot be THAT good if it’s in July. Cards to lock in will be cheap by then regardless. Sell now.

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They purposely leave room on cards for updates. Take Prime PG for example, he has gold badges that need to be upgraded to HoF like post lockdown. This way they can improve him either with an evo, duo, or hell…both.
Then throw him in super packs and make more money for old content that has minor updates.

Giannis inc in 2 weeks or less?