Legend edition preorder - New Zealand 2K rip off

So I’m in New Zealand, thanks to Killzamoi and the token glitch my game got reset 12hrs after launch, which I’m actually ok with because it would have killed the game from the start. I lost the progression I had grinded from playing in that time, tokens, MT, players purchased from the Auction house, players pulled in packs…all of it gone back to zero.

I thought ok I’ll just start again, which I did, and I have built my team and grinded to some decent progress so far.

What I’m not ok with is that I paid $160NZD for the legend edition preorder and I have not received any of the bonuses associated to legend. I did not receive the 100,000VC after reset and I am now not getting the weekly bonus packs. It’s as though they reset my account to be recognised as the standard edition.

I have emailed 2k support back and forth for 3 weeks, probably 10-15 email exchanges, trying to sort it out and they are USELESS. I have been polite and diplomatic, they keep avoiding the issue and saying I will not receive any ‘compensation’, even though I am just asking for what I paid for.

It got escalated to a supervisor and they claim that they gave me the legend pre-order and I used the VC to open packs. But they deleted the players and items that I pulled from those packs, they removed everything and they did not reset my account back to having the pre-order bonuses.

Now they have not replied to me in 6 days, I have sent 3 ‘reminder’ emails in that time. Can they just ignore my problem and hope I go away?

Please guys I need your advice on what to do. Short of getting someone like Shake to PM Robbie or something, I don’t know what to do.

This is a blatant rip off, they charged me for the legend edition but gave me the standard. They will not even acknowledge their mistake and give me what I paid for.


Just contact your credit card company and charge back.

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I would continue being polite but advise them you will be forced to contact consumer affairs (or the NZ equivalent) as you are not getting the product you paid for

But if I do that I lose my game don’t I? I’ve spent 3 weeks grinding I don’t want that to be for nothing.

All I want is the 100,000VC and for them to ensure that I get the weekly bonus league, heat check and 5 promo packs.

They wouldn’t even acknowledge that it wasn’t the legend when I said to look at my collection and see there is no sapph Davis or Wade FFS!

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I don’t think you’ll get the 100k back but I’d defs be pushing for them to at least get you back on the weekly packs cycle.

Personally though I don’t think they should even have reset your account. Like defs take the token players, but all you did was just keep playing their broken product. They have just assumed you knew you were taking advantage of a glitch

But I didn’t even exploit the token glitch. Nonetheless I understood that it needed to be reset, but at least give me back what I should have received in the first place. If they are not going to give me the 100k then shouldn’t they give me the players I pulled from those packs?

I have been pushing for the packs, but they won’t even acknowledge that I’m not receiving them

I’m wondering if it’s a new Zealand thing although our problems are somewhat different. with the switch you can buy on any country’s eshop and my country doesn’t have one so I went ahead and bought it on the NZ eshop.

bought the legend edition and have gotten none of my bonuses. started the game with no dwade AD 0mt 0vc.

I also considered charging back but that could screw up not just my 2k account but my nintendo account entirely. this company is so terrible u wont even get pssed off at another company’s customer service again

This is goddamned insanity. Some youtuber is going to have to make a big stink about it, 2K are such assholes.

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It may be related to NZ, but at midnight launch I had all the pre-order bonuses. It was only after the reset 12hrs later that it all got messed up.

If it was more widespread a rant video would be in order, but I’d be happy if @ItsShake4ndbake PM’d twobrosgaming on Twitter to take a look at my acccount. Shake I’ll message you my support ticket number and gamer tag if you’re keen.

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Wait so you didn’t even gain anything from the glitch and it still got reset?! You didn’t play TT and get shitloads of tokens??

That’s even more ridiculous. Contact consumer protection: https://www.consumerprotection.govt.nz/

Charge it back and contact whatever your version is of consumer affairs.

You don’t wanna give anymore time or money to a company actively tryna rob you


I did get 300 tokens once…I was like, woah that must be the TTO jackpot they were advertising.

I didn’t exploit the shit out of it like Killzamoi did, I wasn’t even aware of the glitch until my account got reset and then I went searching on the net for answers and found his video.

Regardless, my issue is not the glitch or about my account being reset, it’s about not getting what I paid for after reset. Also now I am faced with the real possibility that these thieves will short me 20 league and heat check packs and 5 promo packs for the rest of the game.

Us North American users didn’t get our promo packs either to begin with lol

all the promo packs?

Ive gotten the league and heat check packs but no promo packs, I feel for you on losing all of the bonuses though. I really wish there was some sort of legal enforcement on stuff like this because its for sure a scam to not give someone the bonus.

Nah dude lmao, I got legend and have not received a single free promo pack out of the 5 we were promised yet. I did get my heat check and leagues.

Not sure if it’s illegal, Bethesda did this with fallout 76. The bag they promised was not what they delivered. It was supposed to be nice material and ended up being like a $2 drawstring bag they give out for free at events :joy: don’t believe there were any repercussions there

Yea I imagine its happened in alot of games without any punishment, but it SHOULD have some sort of legal punishment for games that dont give people what they pay for. Especially when it ends up being quite alot of people affected by it with popular games like this.

Then I think you really have a case. All I can suggest is give support one more go but threaten consumer protection if this isn’t resolved. If you don’t get a positive response then go directly to consumer protection and describe all of this. You don’t really have any other options.