Legacy: Showcase Card Values?

Legacy: Showcase Card Values?

These are the cards that will end up being lockable for a set completion reward of 200 Tokens or something like that, right?

How has value been like for DI Monroe and DI Mikan? Is AM Moncrief a component card like those other two?

Moncrief is part of that set.

Mikan has stayed between 95-100k (ps4) since the initial release hype died down.

Monroe is currently hanging around 90-100k (ps4) but hung out in the high 80’s for a little while after Stockton was released.

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But 200 tokens is still not a lot, as it just unlocks you a PD in the market. I doubt the only ones locking are those who are really close to the first opal/ next opal, as the PDs are not that attractive.

Yeah, I have my doubts about how much people will value 200 tokens. Especially since Tokens are easier to get and the luster is off of the Rewards currently available.

I wonder, though, if/when we get some super-compelling Token Reward, if value of these cards might go up.

They have value but i think it will go down since tokens are EASY to get with events like today where you can get 32 on one ball drop lol

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How do I always miss this? How long is this going on? I’ve won about 40 straigjt TTO games & maybe get 3 tokens once or twice.