Legacy series first thoughts

They dropped new packs today and all the cards are pretty cheap except Monroe.

At first thought Monroe was overpriced, but now that I see you get 200 tokens he’s going to be a part of my squad.

Bobby jones: I’m assuming to test out for diamond board, I tested him out and I’m in love with his defense and ability to work screens on offense. Just shut down Jordan Amy in tto playing offball with him. Nice card won’t get respect, but now I know to go get his diamond

I ripped packs a ten box and pulled a JERRY Sloan. Waited tooo long to sell cuz he’s super cheap now. He’s a nice card, quick, great post moves and quick jumper. I think I’m sticking with Brian winters since these cards have no completion value. Sold for 30k

Ruby rick smits: evo god, his jumper is so nice and he’s 7’4. Gets 97 mid range once evolved! The grind on him is for real though 400 pts and 250 rebs. 30 games.

Kendall Gill, no finishing badges another slasher that unfortunately probably gets sharp takeover!

I’ll be positing my JERRY Sloan and Bobby jones videos later today! I’ll share them on here once they’re up!


How do you get the 200 tokens?

All 5 legacy series I locked in. Like sig series last year.

Edit: my fault, @carsyncruz is right, I meant the Anni series, not sig.

Lock in 5 main cards each time they drop packs. I believe he meant like 20th anniversary last year, but with tokens for rewards. Our big 20th packs this year are called prime packs! Prime will come out on Friday! Probably first pink diamond we get all year!


Whats rik smits evo upgrades?

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Could you post a pick of Smits evo upgrades? want to see if he’s worth it. hoping his block gets a boost too

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Sure! Give me 5 I’m in a game!


You call this a grind? Lol that’s one of the easiest ones I’ve seen

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Give me points and rebounds over any other stat requirements!

Grind for you different than grind for others! 250 rebs is an ass load of boards for me cuz I only really play triple threat and a domination game each time I finish an evo card!

Miles. 60 threes. I wanted to pull my hair out at times but I’m so glad I got him evolved because I love his amy


Assist is easiest for me! I’m struggling to finish off the 500 points with Armstrong! Just so tired of playing with him!!


I did SEmi 40 pts in one game on rookie in domination against suns at PF. Scored like 43 pts in first half with 11 3’s. I’ll probably just do the same with miles! That made it so much easier to hit 3’s everything was green!


Yeah, for me, a center that needs points and rebounds is the most hands off grind possible. My center is always gonna get rebs/points.

I hate assists. Annoying to force, and slow when you let them come naturally.

Y cuts make it kind of easy, but that gets old fast. 3s went from the one I hate most, to the 2nd easiest, once I figured out the TToff corner 3 method.

See I did all my Evo stats on either triple threat or progressing Dom. Had to be killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Once I’m done with all the doms then I may do a few on rookie but I’ll mostly just stick to evolving in TT

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Damn 7’4 and 97 mid-range when at amy level?


I agree! That rookie shit game was the longest game of my life. I was up 27 pts not even playing on defense and the suns used all their Timeouts and were fouling last 1:30 secs.

Yep that’s all you gotta do!

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Must cop. Sorry Hakeem :pensive: