Legacy Lou Hudson gets upgraded to a 95

Legacy Lou Hudson gets upgraded to a 95

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Just grabbed one for 40k

What was he at first?

It be fair if they upgraded the reward one aswell, smh

Wow nice upgrade to the 3 point. There’s so many of him, doubt he will go up too much in price

Pack sells must have been flat yesterday.

What was his overall at first?

as long as he don’t get clamps he is still irrelevant

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I’m not speaking for myself but the meta, ppl don’t need clamps in 2-3

I could be wrong, have to check his animations but this card stats wise blows Kobe out the water, Kobe only has ranger extender on him, although this card does have steady shooter on gold

No range extender, clamps or intimidator. Idk Hudson’s animations but Kobes are very good this year. His release is ridiculously easy to green.

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94 I believe

You need clamps in 1-4… this is the only thing in 2k20 that can stop/slow blowby’s

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Does bronze clamps count tho?

I don’t have clamps on ruby Derrick Rose and I clamp with him all the time, i shade to the side I want them to go in, the paint to my big, most users don’t use floaters so they get blocked or contested at the rim


Bronze clamps alone made me pick up Pierce. the badge is a must as of right now

1.kobe is the best sg in the game easy. badges animations release size.
2.steady shooter terrible badge if not hof.

Attackng DRose is basically a free access to the paint, if I meet there your C it means that my own C is open for a three

Is it really that terrible tho, u lose a 5% boost, but image how many boost u do gain from corner, catch and shoot, the dimer that threw u the pass, green machine, flexible release, I mean if a card only had steady shooter then yea, it’s stupid, but with so many other boost, I think steady shooter the reason ppl making YouTube videos about contested shots going in

Not when I’m usering him, maybe we have different skill level of opponents, but I don’t have a problem with blowbys unless I’m out of position which I try not to be