Legacy George Mikan Packs! (Mikan, Silas, Bridgeman, Bogues)


Kinda ass. Muggsy might be a problem tho


we releasing packs on a monday now? glad i didnt put up my melo for 12 hours

Any new low tiered EVOs?

Junior Bridgeman? First time 2K?

think there are usually 4-5 cards in the packs? looks like an amy junior bridgeman with 1 star

I think he had an Amy last year, maybe.

Content has been a big W this year. Offline challenges, Evo cards, and packs coming non-stop.


in collection there seems to be an isaiah rider as well tho…


isaiah rider a ruby, cant evo

He was in the game last year. He was in the amy token market

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Junior bridgeman looks solid

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I want a Muggsy - Muresan Duo


Sweeeet want mikan

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These are out yet or 11 est?

Rider looks like a budget JRich

old packs still in for another 7mins

Thank you.

Yea not a bad card. Wont make my lineup though u fortunately, need those clamps

Mikan doesn’t look too bad, still torn on whether to lock in the legacy cards for the tokens.

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