Lebron vs. Kawhi (Let’s settle this)

Since Kawhi won Finals MVP last season against a depleted Warriors team with 2 of its best players injured and Lebron missed significant time in his first year out West due to injury…It seem’s Kawhi is being called the best player on the planet. Who do you have as the better player?

Soo let’s judge their current season first

Lebron James - 25.7 ppg, 10.6 assist, 7.9 rpg,
(49.8% Fg)(34% 3pt)
NBA real plus Minus - #2 in NBA (6.86 RPM)
4.57orpm, 2.30drpm, 11.04 win shares
PER 26.8 #9
Defensive win shares #6 in NBA (0.163)
Lakers #1 in West
Career - 27.1 ppg, 7.4 assist, 7.4 assist 51%fg

3x Champion, 3x Finals MVP, 4x MVP, 16x Allstar, 1FMVP, 6x defensive team, 3x Allstar MVP, 1x scoring leader, #3 all time points, #8 all time assist

Kawhi Leonard - 26.9 ppg, 5.0 assist, 7.3 rpg,
(46.9% Fg)(36% 3pt)
NBA real plus minus - #4 in NBA (4.08 RPM)
2.18 orpm , 1.90 drpm, 5.66 win shares
PER 26.76 #5
Defensive win shares #22 in NBA (0.135)
Clippers #2 in West
Career - 18.6 ppg, 6.7 rebounds, 2.7 assist

2x champion, 2x Finals MVP, 2x DPOY,
4x Allstar, 5x defensive team, 1 Allstar MVP, 1x steals leader,

LeBrons defensive win shares surprises me… And I’m a fan.

Also: in before lock


Yeah he definitely stepped it up this season. He took a lot of flack last year rightly soo, but he’s back.

In b4 lebron stans kawhi better right now lebron> all time though


He has played well when matching up against stars defensively recently (Kawhi and Giannis) but not the first few times they met.

The season got a good way through. It surprises me he is that high out of the entire league.

You Love the debates holly, I want to see this decided in the playoffs, will hold my opinion till then


Until I see Lebron palm a booty like a basketball at the club, Kawhi will be better in my eyes


They’re both trash


The eye test clearly shows that LeBron don’t play defence. He always trying to guard spot up shooters and generally hides behind good defenders and the runaway DPOY, while Kawhi, is one of the best defenders in the league. It’s laughable to even compare them as a defenders.

Offensively, Kawhi is also better than LeBron. He is better than him in every aspect except playmaking. Better attacker (LeBron is not the same, he’s old now) , MUCH better FT shooter, MUCH MUCH better mid-range & fadeaway shooter, better 3pt shooter. Kawhi actually have an unguardable go to move, he can get to his mid-range spot whenever he wants, against whoever he wants and take over games. LeBron doesn’t have go to move and worse, he is afraid to drive at the late game because he knows that he is a terrible ft shooter so he ends up shooting awful LeBricks / passing to teammates in the money time.


If Kawhi is better at driving than Lebron and Kawhi’s midrange is unguardable… then why is his fg% only 46% …compared to Lebron’s who has a higher fg% and more wins. clearly someone guarded Kawhi right. He’s been stopped plenty of times this season like this game below… Yikes 2-11 in a revenge game.

Let me add that Kawhi lead the Raptors to their first ever Finals appearance and then title w Finals MVP while LeBron watched it happening in his couch after finishing last season 10th in the West. He was such a bad defender last year that KYLE KUZMA pushed him to play defence.

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This is easily solved in under 20 words:

Look at how good the Raptors are without Kawhi.

The end.

There is no debate.


Kawhi clearly seems like a different animal in the playoffs, I don’t think it’s fair to bring up 1 of 82 to say he’s not as good


When the Clippers are up by 20 with 5 min left Kawhi is actually on the bench and not grinding stats. LeBron shot the most 4th quarters shots in the nba in a team that finished most of their games in the 3rd quarter.

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Kawhi is great, he truly is. However, he is not, nor ever will be, on the same level as LeBron James.


There will be a decent debate for a while but inevitably this will lead to some personal attacks. Then the thread will be locked.

With that being said though carry on

In before lock.


I agree. Trae Young is the best player in the league right now no :billed_cap:




When debating current situations/awards like MVP or “best player in the world right now”, it’s not suited to bring up career averages or career accolades, otherwise it becomes a “Lifetime Achivement Award”.

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