Lebron pack

ok so I got enough VC to buy a Lebron pack and was so excited that I got a diamond glow right away and automatically assumed it was Lebron. Then I flip everything its just silver mike scott and bronze jordan bell and then I was 100% sure I got a diamond Lebron… boy was i fucking wrong lol

Kevin Love!

You got Popped, didn’t you?

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I used my last vc on a pack

Finally Diamond glow…

Hassan Whiteside… Wtf

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Goood old Coach Popp, huh?


exactly what I got man, heartbreaking, i thought i had it

I haven’t pulled anything from those stupid packs

I randomly opened 5 packs the other day mainly trying for one particular player. Got that sweet, sweet diamond glow in my very last pack. Was expecting a Hassan or Beal, but the 2K gods came through and it was diamond Kawhi!

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That fucking banner will scroll like 83 million LeBron are being pulled though lol

That fucking banner. I remove it immediately when it pops up. All the lies that banner feeds. All the false hope. I can’t deal with it haha

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That’s what I’m calling it from now on

" Banner of false hopes" !!!

That is awesome

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I remember a while ago (may have even been on 2kmtc) someone posted a theory on how the banner and time remaining on the promo could be a key to knowing when packs are hot.

I tested it a couple of times but didn’t find it worked. I’m putting it down to coincidence for that user.

What also kills me about that banner is that it keeps popping up. I feel that if you remove it, then it should stay gone for that session


I pulled 2 Heat Lebrons and a PD Lebron. :man_shrugging:t3:

Pics or it didnt happen

Last year when the first diamond Butler was added in game (93 ovr I think), the banner showed everyone was pulling him. I noticed this because usually it didn’t show so many straight pulls. So I risked it and bought a pack. And Jimmy was in it. Idk if it was a coincidence but it felt like the timer was showing live results then and it helped me actually pull that card.

I’ve made threads like that. I’ve had heaps of success pulling singles with MT when the countdown timer is between 30 and 15 minutes in the hour and the banner has a string of different high end pulls. Has to be a range of diamonds from the same packs and in that 15 minute window. Probably coincidence but it worked for me like 5 times in a few weeks. Would always pull a few packs, see if there were signs of good cards (like ruby pulls) then get a diamond within 5 or 6 packs. Was crazy…

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Nice. Yeah I mean I didn’t go nuts “testing” the theory, just the odd few packs here and there with no success unfortunately.

I’m willing to give it another try every now and then though as I’ll take any advantage for good pulls!

Collectively, not in one pack.