Lebron or KD

I know the Lebron lovers will come at me, but hear me out. In 2012 finals Lebron averages 28.6 pts shooting 47 fg% 20% 3pt, 83 ft% , KD averages 30.1 pts shooting 55 fg% 40 3pt% and 84 ft%, now Miami was on fire from 3 that series shooting 43% for the series.
If Miami had a couple off games shooting I could see okc winning that series with KD as finals MVP.
If KD were to win that series I think it would be hard to say Lebron is the better player with the way KD has played these last two finals against Lebron teams.
That being said is KD the best basketball player in the world?

Oh boy

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KD is a more gifted scorer… Lebron is a more gifted everything else, and a way better leader. Thread closed.

Bruh, what are you smoking & why don’t you share it.

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Funny, but no

Lebron is at his prime right now. Nobody is even close to sit down with him and tell “I’m as good as you are”

Durant is a better offensive player, but difference isn’t that big since Lebron can now shoot

All the others things on a court, Lebron is better

Lebron is terrible at D this year. Not even as close as KD. KD is a better 2 way player now, Lebron is a better playmaker. Funny how people are still saying Lebron is better than KD when Cavs is about to get swept. Cavs lost but Lebron didn’t? Lol

Ya I think KD is a better defender currently and pretty deadly offensively, Lebrons a better playmaker, but that only Equals title when he has a stacked team of shooters around him. I think KD could win with less talented players cause he has the ability to score easier

Send Lebron to warriors and KD to cavs and you will see

I mean for real :rofl::rofl::rofl:

On that topic neither of them have proved that they can win without other superstars on their team. Lebron never won without Big 3, and KD never won without Curry and Klay. It’s TD and Kobe who have won titles with less talented players

Yea cause he has to do so much with such little help, I’m sure if it was you being gassed for doing everything on offense you’d take a couple plays off on D too, KD doesn’t have to worry about have to carry such a huge load cause he has HoF teammates who are all in their prime

I could see KD carrying a team to the finals in the weak eastern conference

Yea, but in the finals, you see Kevin Durant carrying the cavs better than Lebron does? Nah man. Lebron is alone. Just give him Klay Thompson and suddenly the finals would be much more fun to watch

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Miami 3pt shooting in 2012 finals, wade and bosh both 40%, battier 57% miller 64% , okc Westbrook 13% harden 32%

But the thing is he doesn’t necessary to do everything. G. Hill is an elite PG. He started/ played as 6th man in Spurs and Pacers, both are solid team, championship contenders. K.love was average over 4 Assists in his last season in Timberwolves, he’s more capable of shooting corner 3s.

lol. love is average 20+10 in Finals and Lebron is alone… You see why Kyrie wanted to leave?

It would be fun to watch, but look at last game, curry Thomson both horrible games, cavs win that game if Lebron outplays KD

Can you see all the others games of Thompson please? And also the stats of his teammates

yea but it’s the inconsistency, you can’t compare players to what they used to be K Love in no where near the 27 & 13 player he was in the T Wolves, you’ll be lucky to get 18 & 10 from him on top of his defensive liability, and G Hill has also been inconsistent, he’ll have a good game and then a bad game but he is no where near elite

Can you check the other teammates stats