LeBron opts out his contract

Shams just confirmed, he’ll decline his player option and become a free agent, obviously that was too predictable



Well now that limits him to only the lakers and the sixers in FA. Looking like LAbron!!! Get ready bois.

Countdown until salty Lakers fans begins.

He gone, win or lose like before

I’m still a cavs fan

No saltyness. Either he comes and lakers win rn or lakers win in a few years. There are benefits and problems with getting LAbron.

Can’t the Cavs sing him with a max contract or do they lack cap space?

How does it limit him to only those 2 teams? He can still sign a Super Max deal with the Cavs. Then there’s Houston.

You can exceed the cap to sign your own players. Bird rights.

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I meant he can only leave the cavs to the lakers or sixers. They are the only teams with cap space to sign him in FA. He can’t go to the celtics or rockets anymore because they can’t do a sign and trade. Well at least not one bron wants. If he opted in and got traded he could get the super super max that cp3 is looking for.

Noway would I leave the East if I was LBJ. He would have to get through the Warriors just to get to the Finals.

Houston, no. He had to opt in and they would need to trade something like Anderson+Gordon+picks.

He didn’t have to opt in to do a sign and trade. WTF

but if he opted in, he could have signed a supermax contract through his twilight years.

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I think the most surprising part of this is how much of an early notice LAbron gave. Thought he would have waited for 11:59.

Also, teams can still clear salary through trades. Package a first round pick with some expiring contracts and you’ll be amazed.

LABron. Like I said yesterday. He’s going to LA no matter who else bothers to come. They already have a better supporting cast.

That all would be true if there werent as many indications of him going LA or him not liking Houston as a town and etc.

He can still do a Super Max deal if he stays in Cleveland.

LAbron knows what he is doing. If he wins in LA he gets that huge fanbase to see him as GOAT. Only way he can possibly get past MJ now. He cant really pass him but if he can get a majority to think so…