Lebron james is now the 3rd highest scorer in the history of the NBA

Congrats to him!!! :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
What are your thoughts about this massive achievement? Will he one day pass KAJ ?

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Congrats to lebron.
Not a fan but gotta appreciate Greatness
I also think he can surpass KAJ

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It all depends on if he can maintain his actual level for some more years.
I think he will

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Nah. He’ll have to average 27 for like 3-4 more years for that to happen

I think he will play till his son goes to NBA
So It’s possible he’ll play till 38-39

*3rd highest scorer

I changed it cuz you’re right, he is the third highest scorer and he is the best scorer

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I don’t even think he’s the best scorer in the league right now let alone of all time but that’s another debate

Congrats to Lebron though. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching his career from day 1

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Im just joking I didnt think about other players before answering to you. Kd and Mj would be a serious competition to lebron and there must be plenty others

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:yawning_face: :yawning_face: :yawning_face:




They could make him this weeks motw reward. That’s a huge milestone I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets a card.
Crazy enough I think he will probably play into his 40s.

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its already been calculated, he needs to average 18-20 until he’s at most 38-39

Its where he is expected to be.

He never had a serious injury, played 1,000,000 minutes of bully ball in the Leastern Conference (where he raped the stat sheets) with the ball in his hand most of the time.

great time to link this godtisticness

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My main thoughts are

Why do the Lakers keep shitting the bed against good teams?


Without watching the video I can GUARANTEE that nothing in there will be greater than Kyrie shot.

there are 20+ plays in here better

Stop it. Kyrie saved his legacy.


Kyrie wouldn’t be in the position to make the shot, if lebron didn’t stop that Warriors fastbreak. A ring is a team effort. Don’t forget Cleveland were the underdogs, there was no legacy to save.

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