LeBron James diet

LeBron James diet

apparently lebron is on the raymond felton dietary plan

Unless he is heavy smoke he is god

Don’t try his diet at home kids you will not look like this…


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Still not even close to as cool as MJ


Amen…Jordan made the shaved head & a single earring a go to style for 20 yrs. His shoes are a legacy in and of themselves. Everybody wanted to “be like Mike,” who the hell wants to be like Bron?


The LeBron hate is unreal.

Please, everybody, keep it up.

i wouldnt mind being lebron james

No hate for LeBron. Just saying, Bron eating pancakes… MJ said hold my beer… 25 years ago :man_shrugging:

I was reading a article before saying bron Eats salmon nearly every day

Good way to pass the fuck out