Lebron James Collectible Figure Walmart

Do I cop it for the code? $25 for a pink diamond ain’t shabby

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Cop --> Redeem Code --> Return Figure --> $$$


Honestly thinking about it

I thought u were quitting lol hahah

Well, if I buy the figure, use code, then return it, I’ll always have a PD to come back to.

MyTeam always seems to be able to draw you back in…

I went back to the video games to look at Smash Ultimate and then saw those, so I was considering copping lol

Is that in America? I’m about to go to the store and see if my Walmart has them.

Yeah it is. Walmart

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Lol thats so true. Dude last year i didnt even sell my team at the end cuz i was so obssessed with the game lol

And do you think each figurine comes with a different players PD code or is only a Lebron code? Like if I buy Harden or Giannis, will I get a Harden and Giannis code?

I think the Lebron one is exclusively Lebron, but the others are random? Dont quote me on that

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Test it out and let us know what happens

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Bet, I’m gonna cop a Lebron one and see.


If you buy the figure and use the code and then return it for a refund you are a real loser. At least donate the figure or something.

I dont think I can do it in good conscience. Someone else might buy it and try to use the code.

The Lebron one actually has pretty balenced stats but no Hof Badging. With D’Antoni coach + Foamposite shoe He will have 87 Ball control, 85 3point with the rest of the stats being pretty good already.

yea bro with the way these moments cards look this card would be better than a pd moments

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I’ll give the figure to my brother or something probs

Yeah definitely.