Lebron is the real Goat!

There is no debate Lebron James is the greatest basketball player ever…

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debatable… especially when he retires, for the moment he’s barely passing Larry Bird. There’s a mountain he’s gotta climb in order to be called GOAT.


Asisine. Idiotic. Mental.

Can’t say “no debate” without at least providing grounds for your dumb-shit assessment.


Argument by many too young to have watched MJ.


retard jordan is trash

Michael jordan wasn’t even mentioned…

Now you’re banned for 48 hours. @2KGamer @HarryLundt this will only devolve into bullshit — his use of a derogatory remark indicates so.

Please take necessary action and remove this pest.


That came faster than expected

Yeah @2kgamer? This thread right here

I mean cmon dude made this thread with his gloves on!

Kids are really bored it seems.

More like a debate between Hakeem & LeBron fpr 2nd all-time. Everyone knows MJ will always be GOAT.

There is only one white mamba

Last i check he is 3-9 and this 9 finals appearances was from the east which is the least.

Since you guys like Lebron so much I will post my Perfect Bron with DI contract on XBOX this afternoon.
Show your love and make it hit $500k!!!

This has to be a Euro player.

Europe GOAT (no nba) is Anthony Parker

Dirk is better All-Time.

i said no nba of course dirk is the goat