LeBron is neither the GOAT nor the best player in the League

What a year to be alive. Time to rejoice.


KD just shot at LeBron face the breaking series clutch shots IN THE LAST 2 FINALS SERIES and WON 2 FINALS MVP. while LeBron in the clutch time Pass to Kyle Korver \ George Hill to “pass” the blame to them.

Also in the that finals series LeBron avoiding guarding Durant, while Durant was targeting to guard LeBron

LeBron is already declining – as a whole since he doesn’t play defense anymore.

KD is the best player in the NBA and can simply take over games and do everything (including playing defense).

Let me know when you guys reach a definitive conclusion on this issue.


LeBron also doesn’t fit into teams without 3point shooters. He’s too ball dominate unlike KD and basically forces players like Lonzo Bust to be a 3point shooter even though we all know he isn’t one. I will say LeBron is having an amazing year shooting wise, but his lack of defense is quite disgusting to watch. Unless the lakers all of the sudden become 3point shooters I guarantee you they won’t make the Finals or actually might not even make it past the first round in seven game series.

I will stop debating, some cases are lost here

You guys know why KD will never be seen as the NBA alpha? As the top player?


This thread will be the one. I can feel it!


One this is for certain: His Airness is the GOAT.


Have you watched a Warriors game this season?

Because he will always be seen like the guy who ruined the league for the last few years after he choked.

That ruined his career, his public image, and he also lost his balls on this day


Aye pull up lebrons 50 plus points

There is no end :rofl:

This was only in reaction to him saying that Durant isn’t an alpha.

I don’t understand does defence is not important to anyone anymore? LeBron play no defence

I agree, LeBronners never mention his defense.

@DaNali is kds 2kgamer burner account


just kidding


Defense is half of the game.

Because they are blind witnesses

KD lovers never mention the fact that he hasn’t won anything without three other all stars

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Man okay now this will be my last answer to you because I feel like you’re lost and that I’m losing my time

Being the NBA best player, being the NBA alpha doesn’t mean you play good, it doesn’t mean you can splash a 3 in anybody’s face. It means that you have the charisma to attract people to watch some games, that you are liked by the fans, that you never back down against challenges

KD will always look ridiculous and “balls-less” to alot of us