Lebron Ideas

Hey guys I’m sitting at 490k but I sold my kawhi so I should be higher right now, should I splash out on a PD lebron right now as I have a god squad, do I spend it on the 98 or do I wait until the new set come so out, wondering if PD will keep going down in price in your’ opinion?

Get the 98. Just as good as the PD and guaranteed becoming PD in a duo with Wade soon.
I’m sure that all of the signature legends (Magic, Bird, MJ, Kobe and LeBron) will have 2 PDs in the end (1 actual PD and 1 with a duo).

Don’t think so, cause everyone who bought a Pd Lebron gonna go bananas.

Get PD if you can afford him. They’re not even close- PD is in god mode while 98 is just like 97 playoffs. PD is unstoppable- will make even the most ridiculous shots, block centers, run like the wind- easily the best card I’ve ever used.


Listen to @marekdab. I upgraded last night from a diamond shoe 98 LBJ (SWB, Open 3, etc) which made him a 99 to the PD and the difference is immediately noticeable. The way he feels on the sticks is just unfair. His character model moves like a 6 footer but I witnessed him get a defensive board and easily outrun Ruby Wall coast to coast when Wall had a headstart at the 3pt line and LBJ started from the box. He makes Giannis feel extraneous… like another guy out there now.


PD bron is a monster, mandatory for opp to zone

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Ppl aren’t realizing that yet… He is unstoppable off the bounce against a man-to-man

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I was going to sell 98 Jordan and grab the 98 Lebron… but might have to get the PD now

Yep! Figured this out while dropping 65 in the 48 point lebron challenge. It is insane how much space it creates.

Wdym by off the bounce?

Off the dribble

I never used the pd but my 98 feels like what you guys are describing with a speed shoe. He’s unstoppable and I instantly got over the hump for KP beating some pd squads along the way he also outplayed Giannis

Will 342k along with selling my 98 LeBron with red Kyrie’s be enough for PD?

Try to have like 600-700k available… should be able to grab one in that range… be patient though… there’s a lot of PD Lebrons on the AH

Feels like there’s so many around too. Wondering if they’ll drop even more like Harden status.

It’ll be plenty. I bid 500k on a 98 with kyries and I got outbid. If you do list, please list it for 12 hours.

Yea thats one of the reasons I haven’t grabbed either the PD or 98 yet… still a lot of days remaining for the packs

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Will do. Still debating put I’ll let u know if I decide.