LeBron has been in contact with Durant today about joining the Lakers

According to a reliable source, LeBron has been in contact with Durant today about joining him on the Lakers. You heard it here first.

you are like 30m late bud

lol got him


Damn ya’ll are fast af

Lebron taking the minimum

Veterans minimum to join the W’s lol

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Spurs looking like Kawhi will be gone soon. Trade talks are open with many teams that can give solid or good offers.

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And PG opted out. Gonna be a tough year for OKC fans like myself lmao

Lebron - KD - PG13 - Kawhi

If it happens, I won’t watch nba next year for sure


It won’t

KD isn’t going to L.A. It’s just clickbait. Though, I wouldn’t be surprised to see LeBron and PG13 in LA. Kawhi to Celtics. That’s my guess.

This years finals was the lowest viewed finals in history. Less viewers=less money. You can bet it wont happen again this year lmao

Lebron said he will go to LA if they get Kawhi

That couldn’t happen. Only 3 max if they decide to all give slight discounts. More likely it’ll be 2 of them. I actually am starting to think nothing is gonna happen at all for the Lakers. Next year we’ll just watch our young pups grow.

Allegedly he said that. Spurs won’t trade Kawhi to L.A. Celtics have more assets.

If the lakers give up lonzo or kuzma I 100% vow to move from Los Angeles and no longer be a laker fan

Spurs have backpeddled a bit in saying they won’t trade him to West. Celtics aren’t gonna offer nearly what the Lakers will. Celtics have more/better pieces but aren’t willing to give up what we are right now.

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I don’t see Ainge letting this opportunity slip. If he can get a long-term commitment from Kawhi, he’d dump Kyrie or Jaylen.

Kuz would be gone in a deal for Kawhi. Zo ain’t goin nowhere unless a third team gets involved. Pop doesn’t want the Lavar circus.