Lebron extension


another step closer to trying to play w bronny


Knezius with that HoF Thread Starter badge.


Overpayed but solid signing

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More like a underpay lol


I don’t think you can overpay LeBron lol… but this probably puts to end any potential Giannis to LA rumors & we’ll probably see AD sign a longer extension than the 1+1 (in my opinion). Also gives a nice feeling that LeBron is going to retire a Laker :slight_smile:

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Fam said over paid lmao


Lol, you guys too easy

Was joking


I still think Lebron gets an honorary 10 day contract to retire with the Cavs. Unless Lebron really hates Gilbert Lol

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The Goat :goat: gets paid. Well Deserved. Congrats LA.

Sometimes its hard to tell on this site lol

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Tampa Bay Raptors

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Us Canadians like to be in Florida in the winter time, should be home when the weather gets nicer

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Your right goats get paid.

Jordan’s 1997-1998 contract was insane in retrospect. His salary alone was more than the entire payrolls of 19 out of 29 NBA teams that year. If the same rules were in effect today , Jordan’s salary would be worth $66.6 million, based on adjusted average payroll numbers. $66.6 million!

Articles from 2014 to

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Lol overpaid asf when you think about it but he the goat he deserve it

The Goat gonna 3peat real quick

I’ll eat my shorts if he does lol

AD signing will be later today or tomorrow.

He will win more titles but he won’t three peat

My theory: James wants to be on the Lakers to win at least one more title, until Bronny is drafted, when he will move in free agency to the team that drafted Bronny.