Lebron delivers his promises, sooner or later


Lakers was not the team for him

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Ya except if jason kidd is hired theyre so fucked

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They better not hire kidd. Players are almost never good coahes.

Where’s Phil Jackson. The only player who can coach a championship squad

Phil Jackson is 1,000 years old at this point.

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Only Lebron can be this corny. :pray:t6::pray:t6::pray:t6::100::100:



He is like 34

Father time is undefeated.

Jason Kidd was the worst fucking coach ive seen.

Skip to 7:20

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Kidd might be the worst free agent coach out there. So the Lakers will probably hire him.

As long as kidd says yes sir to LeBron, he’ll want him

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I still don’t believe Woj is a reliable source for Lakers’ rumors, but we’ll see.

I heard the Lakers might want Ty Lue as well. Glad to the comedy show, I mean Lake show will be back for another season

Kuzma,Ingram and lonzo shaking their heads lol

Pat Riley, doc rivers, ty lue, Steve Kerr lol plenty players can coach championship teams

There was dozens worst coaches than Kidd.

Yeah it’s just never stars

Ty Lue is nothing more than a puppet

Yes, but kidd was garbage. And he had really high expectations being the player he was

They arent star players