LeBron and Giannis

I didnt realize the 20th anniversary comes with both of those cards, i tho it was just lebron

I for one am looking forward to that free poster so I can display to my friends and family why I’ve been avoiding them.


I am really lookig forward to Giannis at the 1 next year in myteam

If the gameplay allows and encourages that shit again I’m not touching MyTeam. I fucking hate it so much, haha.

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LeBron at the 1 and Giannis at the 4 :yum:

are both of them included or you choose only one? that would be good in helping finishing up domination quickly

You’ll get both. This year we got saphire Irving and Ruby Shaq.

Can’t wait to show how not excited I am for 19

This game is supposed to be fun, and this is the least fun in 2k I’ve ever had

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So expect ppl to have LeBron, Greek freak, and those five Ruby’s from the action figures from the jump


Awesome! Lol

Im waiting to hear reviews from you guys then I’ll pay $35 on black Friday for '19 if it’s improved. I won’t hold my breath though


Sounds like we both have the same idea


90% of this forum isn’t playing apparently. I guess we are gonna have to see who’s posting on 9/7

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I’m on the same boat or probably even don’t buy it.

The problem is that in the early game cycle, is harder to notice all game exploits.

Cards are not OP, a lot of players grind Domination, 2k will do some cosmetic changes and fix some glitches.
Also people who will buy a new game are focus on things that were improved rather than criticize.

I remember that majority applaud 2k18 gameplay on early game stages.
In a great picture game feels better than previous version-at least to the point where they go crazy with dunking tendencies things.

I expecting same scenario this year, or maybe having Giannis/LeBron from the beginning helping expose weaknesses of the game from day one.

Man I’m boutta run thru domination with Bron and Greek Freek


Yep Dom and find out the glitches like animation glitch lol

Indeed lmao

Stretch 5 with animation glitch is cheeeese in 17 and 18

Yal have fun not buyin it. Enjoy legoat and giannis

Oh yea cant wait to find all the glitches n exploits. Im super pumped :joy::joy::joy: what is wrong w ppl??