Lebron 97 Playoffs w/ Diamond C & S 110K MT Win?

All Badged out and Shoe is Kobe AD Navy/Orange got him for 110K. Is this a good shoe for him?

W bro

What console?

If it’s the shoe that boost swb and speed super W bro last week I seen a few ppl dying to have that card.

Oh wait it’s the defensive shoe. Still great tho since it boost his block, shot contest and on ball d and lay quick to 99. Great pick up bro I would’ve got that if I had the chance

i got him with no contract or shoe for 100k and thats a good deal in my mind so you got a really good deal

It’s on Xbox. I listed my old 97 Playoffs Lebron Badged out and Diamond contract but no Shoe. Less than 2hrs Remaining but right now it’ 130K MT so I guess it’s a double Win.

My Lebron Playoffs ended 155k MT. AH is weird AF

Are you sure it’s not the all star one? Because he was going for 200k last night with that shoe and pretty sure it was @DEG card. I couldn’t picture it going for that cheap but if it did, your set for the game!

10000% sure it is!

What do yall think 95 lebron with red kyries and a diamond contract would go for.??? Is it worth upgrading ???

My allstar one with diamond contract and grey Kobe’s went for 125k Thursday evening…

Oh damn, I thought it was the playoffs one

It was the 97 allstar mvp

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I got him during the crash and I don’t notice that much of an upgrade but it’s good to know he should always get open shots

This crash waa crazy. Lillard last week was barely on the market. Going for 150k. I saw one with a diamond contract last night for 80k LOL

Yeah it was insane pre pack announcement. Got some good deals that’s for sure but also got stuffed over on sales