Leap Year Tmac vs Glitched Tmac

Can someone please tell me why i should pay 1.1 million MT for Glitched Tmac and not just buy Leap Tmac for 450-500k MT? Are the cards really that different from eachother that it warrants a 600+ thousand MT gap?



The price is for using him at the 1


400k position change

I understand the position. Of course. But we have so many tall PGs now, and the SG is the weakest and shortest position. So i dunno why you would want to run Tmac as the PG and why it sooo important that it’s worth 600k upgrade.


You speak as if we are to assume that most myteam players think logically


He will bring the ball up the court more often and be default assigned to guard the opposing point guard, otherwise it’s the same thing

The difference sits in match winning details haven’t played his leap version but all I can say is , the glitched Version is ultra NUTS

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Same , you can handle the ball with any player in the court the freelance will adjust man .

Unpopular opinion here: Glitched TMac is a better TMac. PG or SG.

well no he’s obviously better, but they are so similar its not worth a 500k difference

I guess that’s true. Fair… This TMac is so much faster tho…

Obviously he’s better. He got some extra badges and attribute points. But that’s not the points though.

At the end of the day, almost everyone will use him as a SG, so i was just wondering if it’s worth an extra 500-600k MT.

Much faster? Leap has 97 speed and 96 SWB. Glitch has 98 on both speed and SWB. Their animations are the same, so i don’t see a difference in speed.

edit: From my personal experience, attribute differences from 95 to 99 have basically zero impact on the gameplay. It’s really the same thing. I remember also a YouTuber saying the same thing (DBG maybe, but not 100% sure).


New card smell in full effect

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The 20+ strength pushes his legs faster.


Only physical ones ,
The others act like threshold . So no significant difference !
On speed , stamina it’s important .
People overreact to this attributes , it’s placebo effect because all the cards have hof floor general plus coach and shoes :joy:

People really don’t know that?!

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Slasher dribble = more fluid with the ball. Check the Sigs.

The leap year doesn’t have slasher?