Leaked anniv cards

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I dont think thats a leak, thats in mycareer going into the myteam building card

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Since Shaq is a Heat for Anniversary…

Maybe we get a Diamond Shaq for Lakers Throwback Elite?

Ew GO Heat LBJ.

Really cant overstate how much Giannis is gonna fuck this game up more than it is hahaha


They still have Ben as a diamond like they did before the game released so I’m willing to bet not all the gem colors are accurate

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Anyone notice how wallace has a diamond glow ? Lol

Some of y’all never touched mycareer before huh lmao


Only spot I head to is VC Management




Anniversary Set 3 has Galaxy Opal Shaq as it’s set collection reward :thinking:

Late, found it out a month ago but nobody listened :joy:

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And it can be BS. Ben Wallace is shown as a diamond, same for Kobe

I saw it about half a month ago as well. If anyone needs to increase their card collection, going there to turn your MyCareer player into a MyTeam card gets your card count up by 1.

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Wallce was update skobe opal

BIG FACTS! Me and them brown shirts be having cookouts on the outside


Licked ann cards.

Be dusty as hell

Man i should play mycareer more lol

Be out there talking bout the veronica biii

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Lmao i die laughing every time I turn to run to the VC place and there’s another brown shirt sprinting there as well