Leading scorers of the last 25 years (by zones)

Crazy to see just how dominant Dirk was from midrange


Ariza? Really


Look at that Dirkiness :weary:

Combine that with how trash most people are from there now.

Lebron gets more 2 footers than Shaq, that’s crazy

shaq will have more pts if the chart includes shaq’s entire career.

i cannot believe that either…no one else has more corner 3’s than ariza in last 25 years??

jason terry and ariza surprised me

Lol since about 2016 the nba is basically a 3 or a layup /dunk I’ll be wouldn’t be surprised if dirk is still the midrange leader witching 50 years unless someone who only shoots mids comes along

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There are still some exceptions who have a lot of arsenal at their disposal - Luka. He’s got great midrange game as well, similar to Dirk in some aspects.


Luka barely takes mid-range shots though. He’s a good shooter (not great), but he just takes either 3pt shots or layups.

Watch him play and you’ll see…he takes a lot more midrange shots than some average modern NBA players, he’s perfected his midrange fadeaway in the past year. He still shots too many 3s but he’s started to get smarter in this past year and shot more midrange/close shots.

I am watching him (a lot, coz i really like him) and i don’t know what you mean about him shooting mid-range shots.

In 2020 Luka attempted 1255 FGs. Out of those, only 55 were mid-range shots (4% of his total shot attempts). In comparison, he had 657 FG attempts in the paint which is 53% of his total shots and 541 3pt shots which is 43% of his total shot attempts.

In 2021 Luka attempted 1351 FGs. Out of those, only 183 were mid-range shots (13% of his total attempts). In comparison, he had 620 FG attempts in the paint which is 45% of his total shots and 548 3pt shots which is 42% of his total FG attempts.


Cool I see that you got all your stats ready, good for you :joy:

I’m not a stats nerd like you but I’m Slovenian and love Luka and regularly watch him too… I’m just saying he’s started to improve his midrange game lately, which is even supported by your stats…he’s clearly started to take more midrange shots in the last year, I thought its more than your figures show but okay, I’ll trust your numbers :smiley: I think he’s starting to realise that its sometimes better to take same midrange shots than all those tough stepback 3s

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He did make an increase to his mid-range shots, but he’s still way too heavy on the paint/3pt zone. Don’t get me wrong though, i ain’t saying it’s a bad thing (it’s actually backed up by the modern advanced analytics, that paint+3pt is the most efficient way to play).

I was pointing out that he doesn’t really take mid-range shots.

(by the way, you can trust the stats, it’s straight from nba.com :laughing: )


Hey man, just watched this video and remembered of this debate of ours, how Luka improved his midrange game and it sums up perfectly my point of how deadly his stepback has become, ESPECIALLY from midrange. :smiley: Really refreshing to see with so many 3s nowadays…